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MelpApp Calendar

MelpApp calendar is designed to make scheduling meetings and managing appointments easier for everyone. Using the calendar, you can access the following features to enhance your productivity.

Schedule Meetings: Easily schedule meetings by date, time, and duration of the meeting, along with a brief agenda if needed, and attach any necessary files to the meeting invitation.

Time zone conversion: With Melp you can schedule meetings with participants in their own time zone. A time zone is very useful for scheduling meetings worldwide. When scheduling a meeting, simply enter the meeting time in your local time zone, and Melp will automatically adjust the meeting time for each participant's local time zone.

Avoid Scheduling Conflicts: To prevent missing meetings or double-booking, synchronize your MelpApp calendar with your Google or Office 365 calendar. This will display all your meetings on a single calendar and eliminate any scheduling conflicts.

Book Appointments: You can let people book an appointment with you using MelpApp. Give your calendar link to the individual you want to connect with and let them schedule a meeting at your given time.

Start Instant Meetings: Start Instant Meetings with just one click. Initiate your meeting with no additional setup required.

Sync other calendars: Sync online calendars, such as Google or Microsoft, with MelpApp calendar to prevent scheduling conflicts and stay organized. View all appointments and meetings in one place, eliminating the need to switch between multiple calendars. This will help save time and reduces the risk of missing any important deadlines or meetings.

View All Meetings in One Place: View all your scheduled meetings and appointments in one place by selecting the view on the calendar page. This will give you a comprehensive overview of all your upcoming meetings and appointments.

To get started with the MelpApp Calendar, click on the CALENDAR option from the menu. From there, you can schedule meetings, book appointments, start instant discussions, and view all your scheduled events in one place.