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Sync Your Calendar

MelpApp provides an easy way to sync your online calendars, such as Google and Microsoft, to help you manage your schedule more efficiently. Syncing your calendars helps avoid scheduling conflicts and makes sure you stay on top of your appointments. This eliminates the need to constantly switch between multiple calendars, saving you time and reducing the risk of missing meetings or deadlines.

Here's how you can sync your calendar using MelpApp

Option 1:

  • Go to CALENDAR.

  • Click on the CONNECT CALENDAR located at the top right of your screen.

Sync Calendar

Option 2:

  • From the Connect Calendar on the dashboard, choose your preferred calendar, such as Google or Microsoft.


  • Select your preferred calendar.


  • Sign-in using your credentials.


Your calendars will be synced automatically. You will see all your meetings and appointments on both calendars.

By syncing your calendar, you can keep track of all your appointments and events in one place, avoiding the hassle of switching between different calendars. This ensures that you never miss an important meeting or deadline.