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Melp provides a range of chat options to help you stay connected with your colleagues, teams, and other contacts. You can choose from one-on-one chats, team chats, group chats, quick messages, and post features.

One-on-One Chat:

If you want to connect with someone in a private conversation, simply go to your Contacts and select the person you want to chat with. You can start typing your message and send it directly to the person.

Team Chat:

To have topic-wise discussions with your team, you can create a team by going to the Teams section and selecting "Create a team". After giving your team a name and adding members, you can create different topics to initiate topic-specific discussions within the team.

Group Chat:

The group feature allows users to communicate with multiple people simultaneously for quick discussions or conferences. This feature is useful when connecting with more than one person at a time. Groups can be created for a specific purpose or informally, such as for friends or colleagues.

Quick Message:

With the Quick Message feature, you can save time by selecting all the people you want to send the same message to in one go. MelpApp will send the message separately to each person, so they receive it as an individual message. This is particularly useful when you need to send the same message to a large group of people.

Post Feature:

The Post feature in MelpApp enables you to share lengthy text in Word format effortlessly, eliminating the need to export files from external applications. You can compose your text directly in the post and personalize it to suit your preferences.

Overall, Melp's chat features provide a variety of options to connect with others in different ways. Whether you need to have a private conversation or a group discussion, Melp's chat features have got you covered.