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Write and Share

The Write & Share feature on MelpApp allows you to share long text in Word format without having to export Word or PDF files from other applications. You can write your content directly in the post and customize it according to your preferences.

Follow these simple steps to use the Write and Share feature.

  • Go to the topics or messages section where you would like to share your doc.

  • Click on the More option located at the top right corner of the page and select Write & Share.


  • You will now be directed to the Post creation page where you can write your content.

Share Post

  • To compose your content, begin typing in the provided text field. You can utilize the available formatting choices to personalize your text according to your needs, such as font styles, font sizes, and color schemes.

Share Post

  • Click on SEND.

With the Write and Share feature, you can create professional-looking documents without the need for any additional software. It is a simple and efficient way to share your ideas and thoughts with others.