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Difference between Teams and Groups

Group can be used for quick discussions or conferences. It may be brought together for a particular purpose, or they may be informal such as a group of friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc.

Difference between Teams and Groups

Groups are more instantly created for the purpose to chat with team members or network. Teams are highly professional. Furthermore, a group can have a single topic, but there can be multiple topics in a team.

For example, you have an idea to initiate a new project that you are willing to discuss with your team members. Since, it's just an idea, instead of a team, you can create a group where people can share their thoughts and brainstorm. Moreover, groups can be created for instant meetings, instant decision-making, and so on.

On the other hand, suppose you are leading a project, and you have a dedicated team working on that. The team has developers, designers, marketers, and testers. So, under one team you can create different topics to differentiate each area of the project. Developers can have their own dedicated topics, designers can have their own and so on. Therefore, under the same team, you can easily keep your work organized by creating different topics.

Teams Groups
Team refers to a number of persons associated together in work or activity. Group refers to a number of people who are connected by some shared activity, interest, or quality.
Team members have a common cause or goal. Group members may not share a common goal.
Specific tasks are assigned to each individual. Specific roles and duties are not assigned to individuals.
You can segregate your discussions topic wise. You can't segregate your discussion, only a chat screen will appear for all your discussions.
It can be used for productive discussion between teams. It can be used for random chat between more than 2 users.
Always need to create a topic for any discussion or conference after creating a team. You can start your discussion or conference by just creating a group.