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How to Join a Meeting

You can participate in a meeting using any of your devices. Here's how it's done:


  • Please check your email for the MEETING INVITE which includes the necessary details for the meeting.

  • Simply click on the Meeting Link provided in the email invitation. That's it! Melp makes it simple to schedule and attend meetings.

meeting Invite


You can also join a meeting through the Recent tab in MelpApp:

  • Open Melp and go to the RECENT. Select the Meetings option from the menu.


  • This will display a list of all the meetings you have scheduled or have been invited to attend for the day.


  • Look for the meeting you want to join. You can usually see the meeting's name, date, and time.


  • Click on the Join located beside it. This will take you directly to the meeting room.

Once you're connected to the meeting, make sure your microphone and camera are properly set up before proceeding. You can also attend a meeting without creating an account.

Note: For a better experience, we recommend downloading Melp from the download center before joining a meeting on a computer or mobile device.