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How to Add or Remove Team Members

Only team admins are authorized to manage the team by adding or removing members as needed. The steps are as follows:

To add a member

  • Navigate to the Teams section from the dashboard.

  • Admins have the ability to view the Add Members from the More options.

Add Member

Alternative- You can also select Team info and open edit team window from there.

Team Info

  • The Edit Team window will open, type name of the members you wish to add or select them from the contact list.

Add member from list

  • Click on DONE.

To remove a member

  • Go to Team Info.

Team Info

  • Select the Edit Team option.


  • From the list of members, select the individual you wish to remove from the team. The team member will be removed from the team.

Remove Member

Note: As the team admin, you are also responsible for editing the team's profile and managing team members accordingly. This includes updating team information, assigning roles and permissions, assigning others as admins.