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With our Translation Feature, you can now communicate with your team members in your preferred language, breaking down language barriers and improving collaboration. Our real-time automatic translation technology makes it easy for team members who speak different languages to communicate and work together seamlessly.

MelpApp supports the world's most spoken languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Russian. You can select your preferred language and chat with your team members without worrying about any language barriers.

If MelpApp detects a language other than your preferred language, a popup message will be displayed, offering the option to enable translation for easier access.

Enable Translation

Steps to turn on MelpApp Translator:

  • Go to the chat screen (either topics, groups and one-on-one).

  • Look for the Enable Translation button and click on it.


  • The Melp translator will open. Turn ON the translator by toggling the button to the ON position.


  • Select your preferred language from the menu.


  • Click on OK to confirm your selection.

Note: Once you have turned on the translator and selected your preferred language, you can start messaging or chatting in your chosen language, and the Melp translator will automatically translate your messages in real-time.

  • You can use the See Original to view the original message.


  • See Translation appears below each message to allow you to view translations without any hassle.


Note: Melp can automatically detect languages other than your preferred language and translate them without requiring you to manually turn on the translator every time.