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Connect with your team and clients to grow your network. It is free to create an account.



Connect with your team and clients to grow your network. It is free to create an account.


Built for teams and individuals

MelpApp is built for teams and individuals to create, collaborate, and organize all their
knowledge in one place from anywhere in the world.


Connect with freelancers, business partners, and people outside your organization to easily communicate and collaborate.


Create a new topic or add members to existing topics to work collectively.


Make video and voice call with your network for enhanced communication.


Schedule an appointment or add your network to existing discussions for better collaboration.

Communicate With Everyone Anywhere-Anytime Securely

Have a look at some of the online conferencing features that help your team to communicate hassle-free

Exchange Information Quickly Among Your Networks

Work with your team, clients, partners, or students, regardless of their
location, and collaborate on projects together in real-time.

Connect Teams

  • Build Network With Ease
  • Add Connections To Existing Teams And Groups

Build network with ease

Search for people with names, titles, locations, professions, and services offered and connect with them seamlessly to build a solid professional network.

Achieve more together by Building a network

All information sent through Melp is fully encrypted and secure both in transit and at rest.

Your Common Questions Answered.

What are Contact and Network in MelpApp?

Contacts are pre-added people in your contact list who signed up with the same email domain. Networks are the connections of people which you invite to connect with them outside of your organization.

Why network building is important?

Networking means building a connection with other professionals. The reasons why networking is important to include a better reputation, increased visibility, a strong support network, improved business growth, and more impactful connections.

How MelpApp helps you build your network?

MelpApp provides a single platform to connect with people inside and outside of your organization. You can search for people by name, designation, location, service provided, and company, connect with them seamlessly, and grow your network.

Does MelpApp help to connect with people outside your network?

Yes, MelpApp helps you to search and connect with people outside your organization. Invite people from different departments, services offered, and locations and connect with them.

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