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Last Updated: March 2023

Melp is committed to ensure your privacy and Security

COVID-19 has brought us face-to-face with a new reality. Overnight, our daily routine and work formats changed and it is better to realize now than later that businesses should anticipate and work on remedies that will help them adapt to sudden shifts in how they work. Take for example how heavily we are relying on video conferencing today and how soberly we have accepted a refashioning. Can we say we’ve leapfrogged and left behind the traditional work arrangements and we’re prepared for all the challenges ahead? Well, not really. Data security is important and what transpired in the last few days left many businesses at the verge of data exposure. Even the best is now put to test. With years of conscientious and earnest effort put in to Melp, we are proud to bring it to productive workplaces, right when they were looking for a dependable and unshakeable collaboration facilitator. For businesses big and small, Melp is a breakthrough, rounding up as an all-in-one secure collaboration tool. We’re ready to help you face the future. Melp is a perfect collaboration cum communication tool and can be used by the workforce across industries. Try Melp today and get more done while working towards shared goals.

CAs more and more businesses move online, let us take this opportunity to tell you that Melp will help you iron out the creases and help you achieve mission-critical, all of it in one place. All your conversations, data sharing with teams or external members is secure when you collaborate using Melp. We’ve been single-minded about the security and privacy of our users, just as much as you would have been. Uncertain times may come and go but our inflexibility on being uncompromising about your security was never an afterthought.

Contact us

If you have a privacy concern, complaint, or question for the MelpApp, please contact us by using our contact form.

Work together as one with Melp because:

Melp comes with end-to-end encryption

We meet all the regulatory and industry standards

Employees will have no access to company data once they leave the company

Your data is not used to serve you ads

You decide who joins your meetings

You can compartmentalize your chats with different teams

You can access your company’s crucial data at anytime

We protect your data and safeguard against threats

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest

There is more information available on how we shelter you against cybersecurity threats and we encourage you to refer to our product documentation.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and as workplaces take the exceptional leap, Melp promises to deliver on all its promises and get better, everyday.

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