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User guide

Everything you need to get up and running with MelpApp.

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Create an account

  1. Visit the website www.melp.us / Download Melp from Playstore…(to be differentiated)
  2. New users can sign-up for Melp through multiple platforms with their existing public email credentials. You can choose to create your Melp account with any of your following accounts.
  3. Sign-up with Google
    • Enter your Google ID, for example: catherinediaz@gmail.com
    • Enter your password
    • Verify your email address
    • You have created an account!
  4. Sign-up with Office 365
    • Enter your Office 365 ID
    • Use your password
    • Your account is ready!
  5. Sign-up with LinkedIn
    • Use your Id that you use to log into LinkedIn
    • Enter your password
    • You are all set!
  6. Sign-up with Facebook
    • Use your Facebook id
    • Type in the password
    • You can start using Melp now!
  7. Sign-up with Twitter
    • Enter your Twitter login id
    • Key in the password
    • You are all set!


Manage your account

With this feature, you can sign-out of the app, change your password as well as add and manage other accounts to your Melp account.


Chat with your co-workers instantly. It is easier to connect with them on messages, and the receiver will get push notifications that makes communication much more accessible. Click on My network to get the all contact list and click on the name of the contact you want to message and the chat box will open. While chatting with a user, you can attach photos, videos, and other documents. You can also send voice messages. This will be saved for later use


Create your team.To begin, add a team name, team description (optional)and add members from within your network. You are all set to start conversations and discussions within this team/s. All the teams created by you will come under Team/My Teams section. You will now be able to view the list of all the teams that you have created or have been added to. You can edit and update these as per your requirement.

To start with discussions, you will first need to create a topic. All you need to do is pick the team wherein you wish to start a discussion, create a topic name, fill in the topic description and now you are all set.

You can create topic, add members and schedule meetings with these teams.

Connection/ My Network

If you have used your work email id, this is where you will see your network of co-workers. For example: matthewjones@melpapp.com will find thomasjohn@melpapp.com because both of them have signed up with the same domain name.

You can also use find co-workers on the basis of their location, department and job title or one of two of these fields.

Note: When you sign up with your personal email id, you will not see co-workers in your network unless you invite and add them.

Build your network by inviting and adding more people. Access your contact list and use the search box to search the contact you want to connect with. Other than the co-workers you could even invite and build your network by adding users working outside your organization or by syncing your Google contacts or by syncing your Office 365, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook contacts. Click on the invite button on the menu bar under ‘Connection’, you will get options to invite external users.

Sent requests

If you send connection requests, those will be displayed here.

My meetings

To view your upcoming and past meetings click on ‘My Meetings’ under the heading ‘Calendar’ and you will get the list.

Cloud Calendar

You can also sync your calendar to Google or the Office 365 calendar which will make it convenient according to your practices. To sync click on Cloud Calendars and further click on “Connect” next to the Google Calendar or Office 365/Outlook.com. Enter your login details and your calendar will be synced.

Create your profile

Your profile is important. It helps other contacts in your network identify you, your location, your job title and department. Go to ‘Profile’ option to update your profile with details such as your name, job title, level of expertise, services offered, location, phone number, a short description and your resume. This will help those in your network to identify you better. Upload your picture for further clarity.

Share the app

With this facility, you can let your network know that you have been using Melp! This is a quick way to help them download Melp on their smartphone.


You can set your preferences in the ‘Settings’ section. Set the choice of your language, timezone, preferred time to be contacted and your working hours. It helps others in your network to work according to your convenience and preference. With this option, you can also set whether or not you would like to receive invitations from those outside your network, whether you wish to sync your calendar and other Melp contacts.

My Network

You can build your network by simply tapping on this icon. When you try to add contacts, Melp will ask for your permission to access your contacts on the phone. You can opt for ‘Not Now’ or ‘Continue’ option. You could also invite your Google, Outlook 365, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and phone contacts through this option. Choose which contacts you would like to invite. You will be asked to verify your credentials to proceed.


Working with a lot of people? You can opt for ‘Groups’ to discuss instantly with any member on your network. Unlike ‘Teams’, participants do not need to be part of an already created team to begin discussions. Simply fill in the topic name, discussion topic and select members from your network to begin the discussion.

Request received

Swipe your screen to the left to see this section. If you receive any connection request, you will see them here. Add/archive these requests and get going.


You can invite others using the ‘Invite’ option. There are multiple options:

  • Invite using contacts directory
  • Choose from among ‘Suggestions’
  • Import contact using Google mail
  • Import contacts using Office 365
  • Import contact using Yahoo mail
  • Share the invitation via Facebook
  • Share the invitation via LinkedIn
  • Share the invitation via Twitter
  • Invite multiple contacts by uploading an excel

Schedule meeting

Now schedule meetings without any clashes. Melp allows you to select time slots according to the availability of all the other members. You can also manage the time length of a particular time slot. To schedule a meeting you need to do the following:

  • Give a title to your meeting
  • Write the description
  • Choose your time zone
  • Select the duration of the meeting
  • Select the meeting date
  • Select the recurrence and the reminder alert time.
  • Add the participants
  • Now click on ‘choose time slot’ to pick your prefered time slot.
  • And click on Schedule meeting. Your meeting will be scheduled.


Melp allows you to send and receive audio, video, images, documents and links. These are stored in your ‘Files’ section which is a repository with plenty of space. You can access all shared items in one place for use anytime, anywhere.

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