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Enter The Meeting Link


Calendar syncing

MelpApp provide you with smooth syncing with another online calendar like Google calendar and Microsoft Calendar

  • 1.Go to the calendar tab from Left Pane
  • 2.Click on Connect Calendar Button from top right
  • 3.Click on Connect Button right of your desired calendar for example Google or Microsoft Calendar
  • 4.Sign In with your credential
  • 5.These calendars will be synced automatically
  • 6.All your meetings will be appeared in the calendar Vice-varsa

Get started with MelpApp

MelpApp is a communication and collaboration tool that brings remote teams together from different parts of the world. Melp lets you collaborate with your teammates, from anywhere, anytime, and with any device. Not just you can communicate with your teammates, but can also build your network and collaborate seamlessly with clients, partners, or freelancers. With features like group chats/calls and team chats/calls, you can bring your entire team together.


A Smart Team Collaboration App For Dynamic Workplaces. Melp provides these amazing features to connect with your team seamlessly.

  • 1.Call one person or organize conferences with teams irrespective of geographical barriers.
  • 2.Collaborate effectively with real-time messaging and file sharing.
  • 3. Keep communications dynamic and flowing by creating new teams and groups or by joining an existing one.
  • 4.Enjoy a perfect balance of audio and video calls in a single platform.
  • 5.Schedule meetings, events, and webinars on the go.
  • 6.MelpApp will sync all your events with your Google or Office 365 calendar accounts.
  • 7.Send invitations quickly and easily with just a click.
  • 8.Team productivity is unrivalled with Melp.
  • 9. Most file types are shareable. You can also preview documents without downloading them first.

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