Enter The Meeting Link

Enter The Meeting Link


Audio and video calls

MelpApp lets you make audio or video calls, depending on your preference. Whether you're on the go or in your home or office, you can easily connect with people.

Audio Calls

  • Open MelpApp and navigate to the person you want to call.
  • Select the Audio call icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Wait for the person to accept the call

Video Calls

  • Open MelpApp and navigate to the person you want to call.
  • Select the Video call icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Wait for the person to accept the call

Whether you're making a team call, group call, or one-to-one call, the process is the same. Just click on the appropriate icon and you're ready to connect!

How to receive audio or video calls

When you get a call, you get a notification pop-up where you can accept or decline it. The notifications appear on the devices that you use for MelpApp, such as your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. If you use more than one, you can answer or decline the call from whichever device you prefer.

When you get an incoming call notification, choose the option that best suits you at the time:

Answer — You’re ready to answer the call. When you answer a call from another person who is using MelpApp, the call starts immediately.

Decline — You don't want to take the call.

Message — Instead of answering the phone, send a quick response message.

Call anyone with MelpApp

Call anyone who has a MelpApp account, whether they're in the same organization as you or not. These are special types of calls that let you add guests to the call, share your whiteboard, and share your screens. You don't need to use their phone number; you just need to be connected to them in the app either as a contact or network.

You can make a call from different places in MelpApp.

Just look for the Audio or Video icons whenever sending one-on-one messages, looking at their profile or searching for them using global search.

And if you'd prefer not to share your video on calls that you receive then you can simply turn off your video for any incoming calls.

While on a call, you can select the following:

Click or to turn your video on or off no matter how on which call you are audio or video.

You can also share your screen by clicking on the

Team or Group conferences

With MelpApp you can initiate audio and video conferences with your teams and groups hassle-free and seamlessly. Select the team or group in which you want to initiate the conference. Select the video or audio call icon to start the video and audio conference.

How to initiate a team conference

  • Go to Teams which you want to initiate the conference call.
  • Click on the Audio call icon for audio conference or the Video call icon for video conference.

Personal room

MelpApp's Personal Meeting Room is your very own virtual conference room, accessible to you and your team anytime and anywhere. People you invite can join the same permanent, unique My Meeting Room link. It gives you the freedom to collaborate and present your ideas with ease as if you were in the same room.

Benefits of Personal Meeting Room:

  • Easy Access: Once you share your Meeting Room link with your team members or participants, they can join at any time, unless you have locked the meeting or are using the waiting room feature to admit participants individually.
  • Convenience: You can start a meeting instantly or schedule it for later using your Personal Meeting Room.

Note- The meeting ID and link never changes, so, it should not be used for back-to-back meetings or with people you do not meet regularly.

How to Share Your Personal Room Link:

Simply copy your 'Personal Room link' from the dashboard and share it with your desired contact via email or text.

How to Access Your Personal Room:

Select My Room from your dashboard to go to your Personal Room.

How to Join a Meeting from Personal Room Link:

  • Open the link provided to join a meeting room.
  • Wait for the organizer to accept your request.
  • Once accepted, a new window for your private room will automatically open.

Having your own Personal Meeting Room can make virtual meetings more convenient and efficient. Conduct meetings and presentations anytime and anywhere, making your work life easier and more efficient.

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